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Special Economic Zones in Poland


There are 14 special economic zones in Poland. These areas were created to accelerate economic growth, attract foreign investment and become hubs for innovation and technology development. In southwest Poland you can find the following zones: Kamienna Góra SEZSE, Katowice SEZ, Legnica SEZ, Starachowice SEZ and Wałbrzych SEZ.




There are a number of benefits for companies operating in special economic zones:

  • an exemption from income tax in relation to the income generated from economic activity conducted in the zone;

  • an exemption from the personal income tax for individuals; and

  • an exemption from real estate taxes.

In addition, companies planning a new investment project can currently apply for public aid from government grants and subsidies from EU programs. 

The amount of income subject to the exemption depends on the investment expenditure incurred in the zone, the location of this zone, the size of the enterprise, as well as the number of new employees.


Special economic zone permit


Each investment may begin only after the investor has the permit from the management board of the special economic zone. The investor needs to submit a set of formal documents and make his offer. A series of formal meetings and/or negotiations take place before the application is approved or rejected. 


Some of the criteria for companies applying for the permit include R&D investments and other investments in the improvement of products and services. Apart from the technology innovation requirements, applicants are also required to have a minimum investment cost and provide a minimum number of new jobs.


If you need more information about special economic zones or Polish technology parks feel free to contact us.  

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